Developing Literacy Skills Through Google Apps for Education @MeldrumKim

posted Aug 20, 2015, 7:14 AM by Gafe Training
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This is an exciting time to be a student!  Google Apps for Education offers teachers and students many different ways to develop literacy skills.  One of the first things we need to remember when planning teaching and learning opportunities for our students in the area of literacy development is the fact that reading and writing develop from oral language. This means that we need to provide our students with a myriad of ways and opportunities to talk, sing, chant and rhyme.

GAFE provides us with a number of ways to do that.  Below please find just a few examples:

Have the student create a picture on Google Draw and then use Screencastify (Chrome webstore) to record the student telling a story about their drawing.

Nina the Princess

A twist to the simple activity above would be rather than having the child tell a story about their drawing have them retell how they created the drawing.

A great additional asset to these demonstrations of learning is that they can be easily shared with the child’s parent.

As well, They are saved on the Drive for future curation by the student into their portfolio.

They provide evidence of language development when compared to the activity being done at a later date.

Develop Reading Fluency

Students can work independently to develop their reading fluency.  Text can be created on a Google Doc; either by the student or by the teacher at the child’s reading level.  

Matteo and Reading Fluency

The student then records themselves using Screencastify reading the text.  They are encouraged to play it back, dump and redo depending on their fluency.  This also helps students become self aware.  They develop independence in reading fluency.